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"But isn't that basically impossible unless if you have some sort of incredibly newsworthy site?"

Yes, you're right - normally it's basically impossible.

Especially for affiliate marketers, AdSense publishers or pretty much anyone who isn't building sites for charity, comedy or controversy.

In fact, the reason why search engines reward sites that get linked to from virtually impossible sources (authority sites) is because they know that high profile sites only link to stuff that's either very useful, interesting or similarly high profile.

That's why getting even one link from an authority site is literally equivalent to hundreds of "easy" links built by using the "standard" link-building activities (that everyone uses) like article submissions, RSS pings, social bookmarking, press releases and so on.

Now - imagine being able to get numerous "impossible", legitimate authority links in a matter of minutes.

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This Is How The "Exploit" Works...

Authority Loophole is both a tactic and a software program.

Here's how it works - step by step:

1. The software finds eligible sites based on your root keyword.

2. The sites it locates all use a common web script that can be easily and - believe it or not - ethically manipulated to place your link either sitewide, on the home page or on an otherwise highly visible page of the site.

3. You follow a very simple process that takes anywhere from 1- 5 minutes on each site.

4. Your link is automatically "placed" (prominently) on an authority site that would otherwise never link to you.

5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 indefinitely.

6. Build up rankings that you'd normally only see if you had a "Fortune 500" SEO budget - and even then, you wouldn't get links like these if you were promoting a commercial site...

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it?

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"Umm... If This Is So Powerful, Why Share It?"

"Let Alone Give It Away!!??"

Well, unlike most marketers, I'll simply just say it like it is...

My goal in giving this away is to genuinely impress you by giving you something that could actually be sold, and probably for quite a lot.

And yes - of course - the reason why I'm doing this is because I do have other things (that are not free), that may interest you as well later on.

But make no mistake, the Authority Loophole is fully-functional and completely standalone.

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